If you think that planting trees is Tråkigt* – you have come to the wrong place

We at Tråkigt are very aware of how our planet is changing and how it needs human support to be preserved the way we know it today. We only have one planet and we want future generations to live their lives the way we and our ancestors could. Therefore, we have decided to plant trees for at least 1% of each project’s revenue. You as our customer will receive a certificate about how many trees your project has helped to plant, together with your final project delivery. It may seem like a drop in the bucket, but when it comes to preserving our nature, no step really is too small.

* tråkigt (Swedish) = boring

We support the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 15

How many trees does your project roughly plant?

We will plant trees for every project. The bigger the project more we will spend on reforestation.

Project invoice value examples

  • 25 000 SEK – 1% spent on reforestation – 25 trees
  • 50 000 SEK – 2% spent on reforestation – 100 trees
  • 100 000 SEK – 3% spent on reforestation – 300 trees
  • 200 000 SEK – 4% spent on reforestation – 800 trees